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Sun’s at such an angle, to cast a long shadow. Your face stretched on the pavement. Cracks where you’ve been crying. You ran up to that little bird, you said ‘please, please speak to me. Here are my secrets. Keep them in your beak for me and don’t you go flying away.’ Well you should know better. Those brittle bones can’t hold their own, let alone your heart. Then I ran up to that little man, I said ‘please be the one for me. You don’t have to hold my hand. Just stand with me when I am blue and don’t you go running away.’ I should know better. I’m a brittle bird with hollowed bones I can’t be alone no more. You gotta toughen up girl, wise up kid, don’t let it make you feel worse. Chin up girl, buck up baby, make it look like no on hurt ya. Toughen up kid, you’re not tough enough yet, you gotta toughen up girl. I ran up to that little man I said ‘please, please be with me’. I worked so hard to have some kind of agency. Turns out I’m destined to be lonely.


from EP, released August 19, 2011


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Sheila Giffen Vancouver, British Columbia

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